"There are three things in life you can't recover. The words after they are said, The time after it's gone, & That moment you didn't capture.

Capture all your special moments through portraits make those memories last forever."

~ Jessica Lynn Churchill

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Caitlin Kreitman — ***** rating for JLP

Jessica showed me her work and it is absolutely gorgeous! She finds a way to make people's inner beauty shine! I can't wait to work with her in the future!

Jennifer Curran Shairs —***** rating for JLP

I've only gotten the pleasure of Jessica taking my photos once. But it was phenomenal!!! Her studio is perfect with everything you need and her photos are amazing!! I posted one photo and it went viral in one day!!!

You are Beautiful

It's time to  LOVE yourself  &celebrate your body. 

Brieana Saunders — ***** rating for JLP

Ive been able to shoot with Jess and her eye for photography is a rare find

and her ability to help the model with posing is also great .....

and shes like my 4th sister so I love her to pieces anyways :)

Ever want to feel as beautiful as that woman in the magazine looks?  

Whats stopping you?

Stop making excuses, we all have something we don't like about ourselves.

That's what makes all of us unique. 

Whatever your body type may be, I have the ideas, outfits, and looks to make you feel just as beautiful as that magazine cover. Every woman needs to do this at least once, even if its just for the experiance. Release your inner beauty, boost your confidence, or amaze the man in your life!

But most importantly walk away feeling amazing! You will be astonished at how gorgeous you really are.