"There are three things in life you can't recover. The words after they are said, The time after it's gone, & That moment you didn't capture.

Capture all your special moments through portraits make those memories last forever."

~ Jessica Lynn Churchill


Moms with teenage Daughters, always seems like a daily struggle.

Well let's be honest, that's because it really is!

      Just a few weeks ago, I was thinking about how hard it has been to connect with my own teenage daughter. So I thought for a while about how I can be her friend, and her mom without crossing each of those boundaries. I want my own daughter to trust me and confide in me. I also want her to respect me as her mom, and understand I am her diciplinary as well. So after gathering my thoughts I realized she needs more time with me. Not time to talk, not time to help with homework or dicuss life, she needs time with me! Remebering when she was a child we would dance, play pretend and do simple things laughing together, creating memories, and enjoying life. What can I do to go back not to this time or age, but to go back to just enjoying the simple moments? How can I reconnect with her now? I struggle with this question because I lost my mom before I became a teenager, so having no memories to fall back on I needed to get creative. I soon realized that as a photographer I could help other mothers who are feeling the same way as I am in same types of situations, and having the same feelings.... Through Portraits! Even if it's for one hour! Due to our busy schedules a mother and her daughter's one-on-one time is slim to none, and doesn't always happen the way you envision. Teenagers sometimes think that as parents we lose our "fun", or we are always putting the pressure on them to make the right choices. As teenage girls its hard with emotions, and hormones to feel comfortable in their own skin. They don't understand we want to love and enjoy them just as much as they want to love and enjoy us!! Wouldn't it be nice to have some time together where you and her can just notice each other without pressure and make it all about being together laughing and enjoying one another? From picking out outfits like a princess in a fairytale (only your little girl is now almost your size), to having some outfdoor photos taken and watching the sunset together. 

     My Lifestyle Photography could be just what you need to help build a bond between mother and daughter and capture that memory. Gives you the ability to look back on each time you are struggling with your connection. It will help each of you through trying times and life obstacles. Creating mother teenage daughter sessions has been a wonderful experiance so far and looking forward to many more! 

At the end of our session I asked them both to explain in their own words what they thought about their session & what they enjoyed the most. Their answers were just what I was hoping for!

​​​"I really enjoyed the photo shoot. I got to have one on one time with my gorgeous mother. I love that we got to talk insted of those boring photo shoots what you have to smile for over an hour well I dont know what im talking about with the photo shoot thing but I REALY enjoyed seeing the sun set!" 
Love Juliana

Whats New at the studio.....

Gloucester MA 01930

Meet Jackie(mom) and her daughter Juliana (age 13) 

I have known Julian since before she was born. Her mom and I were pregnant together walking the boulevard eating ice cream! Seeing them connect have fun and share some time together is exactly how I envisioned this session to be!

" I really enjoyed my photo shoot with my 13 year old daughter. It was fun to pick out outfits and get ready together... Usually in the mornings its hectic and we are fighting over the bathroom but instead we were the bathroom and getting ready giggling. 
Once the photo shoot started it felt like time paused and everything didn't Seem to be moving so fast. Phones were in the car and all we had was ocean behind us and sand between our toes. I got a chance to just take her all in with no distractions and her beauty just radiates! Later we went to an open field and spent more time here. I was able to connect with her here and boy did we have some laughs!! Uncontrollable laughter the kind where your belly hurts. Poses where I could feel her smiling face against mine, her holding me in a piggy back and vice versa! And holding her not so tiny hands and feet!! In those moments I shed some bittersweet tears. Overall So much fun!! I was also able to have some great conversation and share with her how very proud I am of her. 
I think other moms would benefit from this experience bc it's not just pictures your taking in the time span it takes for the photo shoot you have an opportunity to create a lasting memory with your teenager. To slow down and just be with each other outdoors and also an opportunity for Jess to bring you to a location you have never seen or pick a location with your daughter that you will treasure forever and have a photo in the end to prove it!!"